Don’ts of Buying Engagement Rings in Houston, TX to Avoid Expensiveness

How to Buy Affordable Engagement Rings?

11It is not smart to let your two month salary be the basis of buying an engagement ring in Houston, TX. Actually, you can really buy a ring without having to spend that much of money from your pocket. There are so many kinds of engagement rings out there that are affordable, beautiful and can last long (if you take good care of it). The one thing that you just need to do is research and knows what you don’t need to do when shopping for the ring for your girl. Here are a few guidelines that you need to understand when shopping for a ring:

DON’T go shopping without a budget, and don’t look at rings far outside that budget.

Compare only those items that are within your price range. If you tell a salesperson your budget, and they show you a ring that’s more than 10-20% above that budget, leave the store. Those people are not your friends.

DON’T buy from a big fancy store.

If you want to buy a cheap Houston wedding ring while still getting great quality, you can find something online or some smaller pawn shops. These stores have much higher rents and thus have to move more inventory, leading to high-pressure sales and the need to make bigger margins on each item. You’re more likely to get a better deal at a smaller store.

DON’T buy on emotion.

Yes, that ring is beautiful and exactly what she wants, but it will most likely still be there tomorrow. Make sure you see multiple setting styles and stone sizes and shapes before deciding – if at all possible, take a few notes or pictures and come back the next day. When you buy an engagement rings you become emotional which you need to calm down for you to select the best ring that will fit to you. Especially since many stores don’t take returns.

DON’T buy during the holiday season.

The majority of engagements take place around Christmas, and there won’t be much on sale since lots of guys fails to follow the above list, and just rush in and buy whatever looks okay to them. The summer months are devoid of jewelry-related holidays and you’ll have time to spare.

DON’T buy in a rush.

Take your time so you know what’s out there and how much the engagement ring in Houston, TX costs. Giving yourself a month or two will allow you to browse, compare, and consider all the options below while being stress-free. Then you can have more time in looking for your venue, photographer and officiating priest.

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